Semporna: Dragon Inn Floating Resort

{Note: This post was drafted back in November 2015 and I was having a second thought of not posting it here but then.. here it goes} Dragon Inn Floating Semporna is located in the downtown of Semporna, and it is very likely to be known as 'Floating'. The good thing about this Resort is that … Continue reading Semporna: Dragon Inn Floating Resort


Semporna : Scuba Tiger Resort & Tour (Tampi-Tampi)

Yep. It's no longer called the Tampi-Tampi but changed to Scuba Tiger Resort & Tour. I haven never been there before which my friends had and from their experiences it has undergo huge improvement since the past. I personally think this place has gotten its popularity after it was used as one of the setting … Continue reading Semporna : Scuba Tiger Resort & Tour (Tampi-Tampi)