Reflecting 2017 and HELLO 2018!

Oh hi world! It's nice to be able to sit down and write something on here. It's already a week late since new year's eve but there is nothing to be ashamed of wishing everyone a very happy new year! I hope nothing but the best to come for this universe. What better time to … Continue reading Reflecting 2017 and HELLO 2018!



Happy new year everyone. Last year was the year of survival for me. When I looked back what I had to endure throughout 365 days in 2016, I am thankful that what scared me eventually went off. As a final year student, there are rough times for you to juggle with assignments, practicums, internship, final … Continue reading BELIEVE

46 Days

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone, There are another 46 days to go before graduation. I hope the days could go by faster so I can be free from all this. But I know that it would be a lot more meaningful if I enjoyed every bit of everything left. So, I don't want  the time to go … Continue reading 46 Days