Hi and assalamualaikum (peace be upon you) everyone,

I am Jue and my father’s name is Tapah. Hence, the domain name.

I consider myself as a typical conservative Asian Muslim girl, who was born and raised within the fairly small but growing community in Ranau.

I am a mix of a witty, jovial, and adventurous person. I can strike a conversation to strangers easily, thanks to my college life experience.

but I am also both a fan of being alone at home all day long enjoying a cup of coffee and staring at the bare blue sky for hours, and…

enjoy exploring places whenever possible.

This is a personal blog where I share mostly about life as an undergraduate(then), sharing my experiences of living life as well as tips on visiting certain places.

oh, and yes, my life as a full time teacher.

Most of my early adult life was spent roadtripp-ing with my best college buddies around Sabah, my beloved state.

We’ve been to Sandakan to see the friendly Orang Utan in Sepilok, and pose a photo with the giant endangered Proboscis Monkey in Labuk. I’ve been to Semporna, and hopped on more than 5 Maldives-like islands there. Oh, not to forget the most sought out post was my trip to Kundasang, Ranau where I shared about 5 interesting places to visit in Ranau. If you want a thrilling experience in Ranau, you should do this.

Have I told you one of my highest aims is to climb the highest mountain in the south east asia which is the magnificent Mount Kinabalu? Yes, I still am looking forward to it this year (2018). But so far I’ve gone hiking to several different hills in Sabah, namely Gemok Hill, Pimpin Hill, and Hood Hill, etc. and the numbers are still growing.

I blogged almost everywhere I go around Sabah, kindly find out more on the blog. I would occasionally share non-travel related posts here too, such as this and this one.

Have a good time reading and if you have any questions, drop a comment down below or anywhere on the blog or just contact me through email. Thanks!