Review: Festival Karya Kreatif Ranau 2017

Hi and Assalamualaikum,


As of today’s blogpost, I decided to share a review of the recent event held at Ranau, which I’ve had the chance to participate.

Since the event was about encouraging youth of Ranau to express their creativity in arts and I am from Ranau myself, I thought this project is brilliant.

To start off with, I was not aware of this project, until a new friend whom I shared a house together broke the news to me. And my reaction was,.. seriously? my gut fluttered of excitement.

It was a few days left before its due, and forcefully I hiked the hill behind my house at 6am just to get a clip of the early morning view from atop my kampung.

I knew it was not going to win in anyway (logic says it) but it was purely out of eagerness to take part in.

Despite the lack of content, which was evident from the video, I am glad that I managed to submit it, though was far from perfect.


In all honesty, I thought the project was a great start for the people of Ranau to think big.

and I believe part of my gladness derived from the thought that I somehow supported my beloved hometown to grow by participating in one of the contests offered.


I love the fact that there are actually individuals who are willing to take a step further by taking their time to actually create something like this project and walk the road less taken to open up ways for people to expand themselves, creatively.


and this did not happen miraculously. There’s hard work, perseverance, exhaustion and challenges happening in between.

I believe this is a big milestone for those who involved and already big plans are developing from their mind.


There’s so much to do in Ranau, many more to explore, to be uncovered and presented internationally.


Kudos to these amazing people, some I’ve known and some don’t. But I know we share the same feeling for Ranau, our beloved little hometown.

Keep creating, keep doing incredible works of art and keep chasing dreams.

We all need these aspiring souls.


All photos are from Skuad Anak Ranau Facebook Page:

Allah SWT provides whoever He wants, alhamdulillah. 


Small steps lead to bigger chances and success.

Thank you for reading, may you have a blessed Ramadhan yet.


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