6 Things I learned in The IPG (A Confession)

Assalamualaikum and hi there,

I finally come with another non-travel related post which is the lessons I learned throughout my 5 and a half years of studying in the IPG.


Most people would probably have no idea of what IPG is. IPG as in full name is called Institut Pendidikan Guru (Institute of Teacher Education) and was formerly known as Maktab Perguruan. This place is governed under the KPM which is the Ministry of Malaysia Education. In short, the aim is to produce well and qualified teachers of the early and primary school settings in Malaysia.

And to become a primary school teacher, you have to attend 5 and half years long of lectures, 4 weeks of school-based experience, 6 months of practicum and 1 month internship. On top of that, you are also required to graduate upon your completion of the Action Research, which is done in the final leg of the journey. For that length of time, I have learned a lot of things.

Here are some of what I think every IPG students can relate to:

 1. Choose friends wisely.

6 things learnedThis is by far the most apparent part of all. For more than half a decade long we’ve got to know and work with many different individuals, which then help you grow in terms of befriending some people.

Isn’t it funny that upon that first glance of someone you met you just had the instant feeling that she or he would be your next best friend? That’s exactly where you should be. I never felt so much blessings than to find this girl and we were like two peas in a pod till the very end of our studies.

DSC_0251Finding friends is not a difficult part if you know who you are and know what kind of people whom you find comfortable being around with. Always follow that gut you have. I have eight amazing friends I have grown so close to that it overshadowed the bonds I have with other people. Everything we did, we’ve always been together and everyone could see it. Everyone knew. For me, I am a extremely selective to sharing my thoughts whatever it is, and only the people I put full trust on will ever hear that from me.

I’d say to my  junior who are still there, going through the day with mix of personalities around, just be true to who you are, choose who your happy faces are and show your loyalty. That’s all that matters.

2. Respect your lecturers.

IMG1096I wasn’t a great, being look-up to student when I was in the IPG. But I was good at receiving feedbacks and advices from the lecturers. Lecturers are the only people you can rely on to help boost your capability in your academic performance. They are the experts in the area. Who are we to judge this?

Sometimes we forgot to see the lecturers as teachers (the ones we put such high standard and respects) only because we thought we are grown enough to do what we like and to ignore what we hate. And in between, we lose the respect towards them.

It is hurtful to see how some of us (including myself) displaying obvious hatred to certain instructions given by these educators. We pay attention to the small trivial things and imperfection they have, that led us to become so judgmental. It is saddening, even, to us critisizing them for their oblivious unfairness. We are not entitle to give critics and see ourselves better than them.


Be good to your lecturers. We are simply just empty, hideous cups.

3. Sometimes, silent is the best answer. 

IMG_9119This has a lot to do with growing up and adulterating ourselves with keeping our mouths shut. The bigger your age, the higher your ego and the more you feel like stating your opinions and let the others feel intimidated by you. Oh dear, you don’t have to do it.

I believe that everyone deserves a place to feel a sense of belonging in the society. and we wanted to be heard. our feelings. our emotions. our angers. our stresses. everything. But try to control your mind and emotions. We have enough negativity surrounding us, the news, the bad accidents, the loss, the wars, the economy, the politics. These things will always going to hit your ears (or eyes), no matter how badly you want to get away from it.IMG_9131All we need is to calm your mind and shut your ramblings. Or better yet, block certain figures you don’t want to see. You have the right.

We don’t need anymore of that. We need positive vibes only.

4. Show active participation.

I don’t know your says about this but I think that those people who are actively putting themselves on somethings are really amazing. I love seeing how energizing they are to do the works in the IPG, be it in sports or charity events, or even benchmarking.

190720123543It inspired me a lot in my own life. I loved seeing how passionate some juniors and seniors in the works they involved in. I never truly let it out and tell people how I felt about watching them, but I do. I love do-gooders. They are beautiful. They are authentic. They are doing it based on passions and love. The kind of people we want more in life.

4. GPA is not everything, skills are.

IMG_6286Believe me when I say GPA is not everything, skills are. I have so much things I regretted not trying when I was still studying. I wished I could have gone to more co-curriculum projects, get out of that campus and work with the team or simply just do more paperworks. Instead, I was busying in my own realm trying to balance my GPA result and the need to get out and watch more YouTube videos.

I personally think that my juniors are doing incredibly great nowadays! They were moving and chasing and completing one to another events, which I found genuinely inspiring. I love how they show commitment and dedication to the responsibilities they carry while still maintaining good attitudes. I could definitely see the difference of us, the previously seniors and these amazing, creative souls. Keep it up guys!

At the end of the day, we won’t use that certificate to teach on our classes everyday. We need skills. We need confidence. We need competencies. I am not by any means saying that GPA is NOT important, it is, when it comes to our self-achievement and rewards. But, GPA will always be there, placed amongst the layers of other certificates inside that black almost dusty folder we rarely touch.

Just my two cents.

5. Learn to exercise (do workout!)

I was not a fan or working out! I never jogged in my entire life (except during school event/sports) up until I went to the IPG. I was blessed to be at average BMI and I was never been fat. Thus, I never saw why I should be working out.

But when my life in IPG started, I began to get active. I jogged. I learned cycling for the first time. I went to the gym, I played tennis, squash, badminton. and I do zumba. Earlier in 2014, I was introduced to yoga by a good friend of mine, Dephnie. and thanks to her I am still practicing yoga these days.

Being a student means a heck lot of assignments, programs and events on the daily. Sweating out was my way to keep away from stresses and energizing my health in general. We are all growing old each day for sure, which lead me to say that it is our task to keep our body healthy and taken care of well, for the rest of our life.

It was great to see my juniors were playing football everyday, some were doing workout out at the gym, cycyling or playing games. These are great. Writing this brings so much memories. I missed watching sunsets at the third floor while attempting dancer pose. That good old memories.

6. Travel anywhere!

IMG_9562I was a girl in that small village, comfortable being at home and listening to chicken crowing 24/7. I never traveled. The farthest I went was in Tawau, only because I had my name as one of the new IPG students in 2011. I was destined to study in Tawau, a place where I had no idea was accessible by plane. silly. But in Tawau I discovered the feeling of travelling. I met friends who never traveled and from there, we sought it out together.

IMG_4980I urge you to see new places whenever you can. The feelings are overwhelming, a lot of emotions going through you and it all ended up in one tiny piece of your heart, gratitude. We went out of Sabah to Melaka in 2014, the year where it all started to make my life wide awake. It was not a fancy travels yet it was poorly budgetted, but I was home feeling richer than ever, because of the things I saw, I felt, I experienced, and I dealt with.

IMGP0147As IPG students, we are blessed with numerous holidays means easier for us to plan out where we want to go. Plus, we are also blessed with a fully-paid sponsorship of our education till the end, which makes it a bit savvy to save money.

It all starts with a dream, then a plan, then a good mind, then a great plan and mind, and the dream will turn into reality.

img_7657Thank you for reading this entry.

If you’re a student of IPG, do share your thoughts down below (or could be your lessons learned).

I’d love to hear from you guys!