TIGA ISLAND Part 2: The Mud Volcano Bath Experience

Assalamualaikum and hello,


As I promised in my previous post, here is the part where I’d share our mud volcano bath experience at Pulau Tiga.

To let you informed, Pulau Tiga’s significance is the natural mud volcano area where it is open for visitation and also, bathing!

At about 3pm, we went ahead from our hostel to the mud volcano area. To get there, you would have to walk 30 minutes into the woods (the trails are cleared up). It can be really slippery therefore it is advised for you to have a good grip of your slippers. If you don’t intend to take a bath on the mud then it would be just perfect to wear shoes rather than slippers.

The mud area is hidden in the forest therefore you do not have to feel worried if it gets quieter once you walk further.

Once we arrived, it didn’t take long before we were in the pool! I would say it was really weird at first but it felt fine just after a few minutes.


Just about 30 min-1 hour later, we left the area and walked our way back to the beach. There wasn’t anything you could hold or touch but mud would stick ANYWHERE.literally. We had to leave the area with naked feet or else it would be extremely slippery, causing unwanted injury when you are caught off balance. Just had to bear with the dead branches along the way.


A few minutes later, we arrived at the beach. It’s time to wash away all the mud!

The mud experience was indescribable, one amazing thing I’ve tried in my entire life!


Tiga Island probably has the most beutiful sunset view I’ve ever seen in my life. Since we’ve had all the place for us the entire time, the place was so serene and peaceful anybody would dream of. It was the perfect place to gateway from the chaos of life and really find the time to be in silence and appreciate the nature once again.

That evening was not once forgotten, trully one amazing sunset I ever had.


Thank you for reading this entry,

have a great Chinese New Year holiday everyone!


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