TIGA ISLAND Part 1: Snorkeling at Sand’s Pit Island

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,


Obviously we were not quite enough with island hopping thing. Right after we visited the 5 amazing islands in Semporna, Sabah, we decided to go on a next island adventure, which was Pulau Tiga (Tiga Island), located at Kuala Penyu district.

We met up at our friend’s home on December 2nd at Tuaran a day before the trip. There were 9 of us altogether, 5 girls and 4 boys. The boys stayed at Kota Kinabalu. Since we would be staying overnight at a hostel accommodated in Pulau Tiga, we went to do some grocery shopping that evening. We packed and prepared everything the night before including barbeque stuff and some desserts like liche plan and snacks.


We woke up and got ready at 5am. About an hour later, we left the house to meet the boys at KKIA before we got off together to our destination. At about 7-8am, we left KKIA and really began our adventure to this survival place called, Pulau Tiga!

2 hours later we reached the Kuala Penyu pick up station. It is located just in area of that small Kuala Penyu town. We parked up our cars at a secured place, load our stuff inside the boat, bought our lunch at a restaurant before we finally roared up to the island. There were two men ready to take us to the island and a woman came out to tell us about the boat schedule.

About 30 minutes later, we arrived at what we thought was Pulau Tiga, but it was Sand’s Pit island. It was quite a small island, and there was nothing there except for the sand and the trees. We walked around the island a little bit and of course, try to see what’s special about the place. For me, the place was as beautiful as the other islands I’ve seen but there is something about the island that made me feel calm and safe. Probably because of the calmness of the sea that day.


The men then brought us to the snorkeling area. Not knowing what to expect since the last time we snorkeled, the water was in emerald green! Now, the area was just like a normal sea water. Fortunately, not until one of the men threw away a pinch of bread into the water and there you go, a school of fish came out of the surface! Hah! That excitement lived up! I felt much more secured to get in the water this time as 1) the water really calm 2) my safety jacket felt secured. I had no fear.


We had a lot of fun trying to feed the fish and capturing every moment being surrounded by them. We also got to jump off the boat, wee!

Done with the snorkeling, we then left the place. Now the real Pulau Tiga island was there in front of us when the man dropped us off at the beach. We brought our stuff to one of the huts prepared while our friend went to see the manager to check us in for the night. While waiting and munching lunch, 30 minutes later, we had our keys.


That is all for this part. I will share again of our experience on bathing at mud volcano pool in Pulau Tiga. It is a must thing to do there. Sorry there weren’t any photos of us snorkeling as we didn’t take any but videos on that day.

Till then, stay excited people!

Love, Jue.


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