Happy new year everyone.


Last year was the year of survival for me. When I looked back what I had to endure throughout 365 days in 2016, I am thankful that what scared me eventually went off. As a final year student, there are rough times for you to juggle with assignments, practicums, internship, final project and thinking about packing all your stuff to bring back home.

I went through ups and downs, but mostly down. I was stressed out over daily routines and the challenges I had to face in order to complete my study. I knew that I had to deal with it to be where I am now. For now, I am not thinking to further my study within this coming years. I believe I need to get away from assignments as of these coming years.

What’s important for me now is to have a balance in my life. For almost 6 years I’ve repeatedly doing the same routines as undergraduate without a stop. Looking back, I never stopped studying since I was in kindergarten, except for that less than six months of being a high school graduate and that was not long before I entered my tertiary education.

New year always excites me. Everyone came up with new year’s resolutions and new routines they in their lives. I’ve read a phrase on Facebook about this and I found it funny as it says “There will be a lot of strangers next year.” What I know is everyone has their own imagination of how their lives should look like. I love that.

2017 is a completely different life for me and it’s the same to my other colleagues. I believe that they too are unsure of what to do now. What exactly they should be doing. What resolutions they need to make. We are scared of our future although we know that everything will be okay but we do have insecurity of how life would turn out for us.

For me, I didn’t sit down on that new year’s eve and think through my head of what I should do for this year. I was busy prepping barbeque for the next day’s family gathering. And I was completely okay with it. I know I am in the middle of my utter happiness, the place where I felt most grateful. Something I could never trade for less.

I was struggling with my 365 of 2017. I don’t have that solid imagination of my year but I know that I will be okay. I am still finding my rhythm in my daily lives, still figuring out where my calling is but I know, I will be okay. There is where I need to be right now.

For days I’ve been thinking of my life and if you ask me what my goals are for this year, I would not have a good answer for you. But I know one thing for sure, that I BELIEVE in myself. I BELIEVE I can do anything I want. BELIEVE, and everything will be there.

Have a great 2017.

Let’s take a ride and see how’s become of us in the new 356 days.


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