18 Days

Assalamualaikum and hi!

I am not one of those people who just love to count days for a very important upcoming event/occasion. We still have 18 more days to go before we finally officially leaving back (or coming back?) to our hometown, after 5 and a half years of studying in the IPG. 5 1/2 years everyone! Hello?? It’s more than half a decade long.

So, for this time around, I need to count it. Everything will change after this year. Everything. So far, I can’t wait but I also feel like I don’t want to lose some parts of it. My friendship, my routines. I actually enjoyed everything about being an undergraduate. I knew for the fact that once we left, it would be totally different habits and lifestyle that we have to get used to. And for the majority of us, it would be challenging. For the most parts, it is terrifying. It is like stepping into the unknown.


Right after we had our last day of lecture on last Thursday, I felt loss. Most of our batchmates went back home to spend time with their families during study week. I was like, “Hello guys, it’s our final semester, why don’t just stay until we had our last paper on the 18th and spend the remaining days we have together? I mean, am I just the only one who are being dramatic or you guys just don’t feel the bond we had towards each other?” LOL. But no, it happens every semester so, I willingly neglected my thoughts. The annoying part is being asked why I did not go home. I have always been here for the past 11 semesters, except for the one semester where I was at home. hehe. So, 10 semesters exactly.


Now, my everyday life would be waking up, taking shower, doing laundry, surfing the web, lots of youtube, editing blog posts, have meals three times a day without a miss, and some yoga/workout. But I am thrilled as we have another adventure awaiting us very closely now.


At this moment of my life, I am going to enjoy every little thing as an undergraduate. Next year would be a totally different perspective of life. Ready to embrace it?


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