Paragliding in Lohan, Ranau


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone,

As I promised in my previous post, I’ll be sharing our paragliding experience.

Prior to our trip, I managed to contact one of the tandem master that was doing the paragliding in Lohan Ranau. He is a teacher, incredibly friendly and kind. It was really easy arranging the date and requesting for a discount through him. However, a few days before the date, he contacted us again telling us that he had to refer us to one of his friend, who is also a tandem master, as he had something that needed his focus at the time. A kind person that he was, he still asked us whether we had a great time afterward.

This paragliding site is located in Lohan, Ranau. Took about 30 minutes from Kundasang area and 2-3 hours from Kota Kinabalu. If you want to try this out, firstly, you need to book your turn first. The para site is at Sport & Paragliding Complex, Ranau.

So if you are interested to do paragliding, there are several considerations that you will have to follow. Here I list them down to make it easier for you to remember.

Prepare your budget beforehand 

Make sure you do have enough budget for this game as it can cost you RM150-RM200 per person. I understand for Malaysian, it is quite expensive. However, if you are dying to try it out, just ensure to have a proper plan for your finance so you won’t feel like the game is just wasting your time and money.

What’s interesting about paragliding is you can bring your kids to fly with you. But your kids should not be lighter than 20kg.

Contact a tandem master or book through online


Now, you probably want to get a fair price but you just don’t know how to do it. We did get a small discount from the initial cost. You can either contact their website and call their contact number ( of you can contact me to get the tandem master’s number. Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee the exact discount you could get as I don’t have the power to do it.

Come early to fly to early.


There are a lot of places to visit in Ranau and Kundasang. I am guessing if you are not from Ranau, you’ll probably have a tight schedule that you have for the trip. Therefore, please come early to avoid waiting for too long. More than anything if you are late and you have places to go after that, you won’t feel as much joy as you should when doing the paragliding. They can’t assure you how long should you wait, it depends heavily on how many persons are there that came before you. If they came in pack, you’ll have to be ready to wait for at least an hour or two. They are open daily starts at 10am and my best advice is for you to come at 10am or 9.50am. Early birds always get everything early.

Wear proper shoes


Obviously, this is an extreme outdoor activity thus you’ll have to ensure your body is given proper attention while doing it. You won’t know the possibility of danger that could just happen. There will also be a paper that will need to be signed by a person that came with you (not doing the paragliding) during registration. This is for safety reason. And personally for me, not wearing proper shoes means you are risking your own life. oh, and you should wear proper clothing as well. Take note.

Bring your own GoPro to save your RM30

This is very important especially for those of you who are still studying and always finding ways to cut short everything. This is your chance. Borrow a GoPro from someone who has it. If you don’t have any, don’t risk your phone by assuming that tiny monopod you own could hold your phone tight the entire time. The surrounding could get windy and you could lose your phone before your very eyes. Ain’t nobody got the time to search in the woods to find your phone, no matter how expensive that was.


Bring your own pen-drive/hard-drive

If you don’t have laptop that you carry with then you’ll at least have a pen drive or hard drive to store your footage of your flying. I know, I know.. I am excited for you as well. But really, don’t ever forget to bring those things. Memory card also can…

Don’t bring your bag/stuff to the take-off site

This is based on my own experience. When we were brought by a four-wheel car to the take-off area (your cars should be parked at the complex area), I placed my backpack in a small hut at the take-off area. We were then introduced to our tandem masters whom were in charge of flying.  I accidentally forgot to ask my friends to bring my backpack down to the complex area since I won’t be going back to area where we took-off . It was quite a hassle to ask for the person in charge of delivering people from the registration-takeoff-landing area. Thankfully, the guy was very kind and promise to bring my backpack along with him. If you don’t want this to happen to you, ask your partner to do the keeping or better yet, just put it in your car/bus.

Don’t sweat the height, be free, enjoy every minute you have! 

Once you decide to do it, one thing you’ll have to think is to believe in your master. They are professional in this job and none of them would  get to fly a person without any licence they received from proper training. Mine was a friendly woman from Singapore, who was very professional and kind the whole time. Her name is Jessica. If you came to meet her, please say Hi for me.


Just enjoy the breeze in the sky. Having done the paragliding, it really is different. I am not an addict in adventurous activities, but the experience told me that I could do other extreme games as well. Like bungeejumping and skydiving. There was a tiny little fear in the back of my mind when I was up in the air, but my excitement and gratitude overpowered that even the fear gone away. I was literally up in the air with just a glide to hang on! I would want to do it again and again. I know the feeling will always be different, but liberating as ever. YOU WILL FEEL THE SAME THING!

Thank you for reading this entry,

if you have any questions,

drop a comment or email me in the contact section.

I’ll reply!






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