46 Days

46-daysAssalamualaikum and hello everyone,

There are another 46 days to go before graduation.

I hope the days could go by faster so I can be free from all this.

But I know that it would be a lot more meaningful if I enjoyed every bit of everything left.

So, I don’t want  the time to go faster.

I want it to be slower, steadier, calmer.

I was really young when I came here, fresh out of the secondary school having no idea on how to do an assignment.

I never knew what plagiarism is, then.

I was very naive, very innocent but very kind as well.

I never had an expectation of how it’s going to turn out or what would I become after choosing this path.

I had no idea. zero.

I was already independent when I left the school,

It was something that I learnt from the experiences I had to face.

You know, when you realized your life situation is, you learn to adapt, you learn to compromise.

Along the way, I earned deeper understanding of struggles.

Not that I am saying my struggle was tougher than anyone else, but everyone has their own level of difficulties in life.

46 more days,

and I will free. I am happy, but I am sad as well.

I learned a lot and still learning. I’ve made millions of mistakes which some I took as learning experiences and some, I’ve (or would rather) forgotten.

Talking about forgetting stuff, sometimes I feel like I’ve forgotten a lot of things that had happened around me. I focused a lot on growing myself, chasing my passions.

A lot of times, I think I was being ignorant, I don’t ask people’s businesses.

My principle in life is ‘Never ask questions you don’t want to be asked’.

Next year would be a totally different life, and I don’t know if I am ready to embrace the change.

I think I never would, but I know that I will be okay. Always okay.

Just like how I did when I first came here,

I never knew what’s to come, I just knew that it’s another phase on the line., for me.

My lecturer was right, embrace the change. Embrace everything.


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