Life As an Undergrad: The AR


Hi and Assalamualaikum,

As you can tell from the title, I am currently in the process of completing my final project. It’s not something I have done in the past and there is definitely tension going around the air since the past two weeks and right now I have less than two weeks before the final presentation.

This project is a one-year duration, comprising both semester 7 and 8. This year is going to be the final year of our bachelor’s degree. We started off the year with a nerve-wrecking news from our lecturer that our action research proposal will be done on the third week of the semester 7. Imagine how you felt when you just seated on that chair which you left for 2 months of holiday and your lecturer dropped down a bomb that you practically have to stop daydreaming about your bed at home and the home-cook meals you ate, to get your mind straight that the ‘honeymoon phase’ is over. No more pampering. No homesick-y no boring kind of life. None. Yel’le. That was the feeling. From there on, three weeks of mass lecturer up till 6pm while you had to juggle at night to plan and plan and plan for your AR, and in the morning you kept moving around the campus to seek for your supervisor’s guidance. Sometimes other subjects get neglected for I mean is ‘your mind’ neglected it while your head was full of thoughts. The starting of 2016 wasn’t quite like the others since 2011.

And finally three weeks was over and the proposal presentation was there, and I asked to be the first person to present. Turned out, I wasn’t quite prepared for it and the 10 minutes experience was horrifying. The moment I finished the presentation, I didn’t touch even the slightest bit of my proposal for days because I was traumatised. I sad so scared and I was lost. It was not until my supervisor called me up for a discussion the week after and guided me about it. For those who was once an undergraduate might think that it was an easy-peasy situation and yes, everything was once difficult until you finally went through only it became easy.

I am not sure but at this moment, where I should be doing the final report of my action research, I have the same feeling that I felt after the proposal presentation. No matter how many times I think of all the positive things in life, the clouds would always kicked in, leaving me with insecurity and doubts. I know I know, nothing stays, everything passes and deep down I know that this moment will be one of the most significant memories I have in my entire life and I should enjoy the difficulties for they are here to build me to become a better person.

There is so much more I have to do, still have cloudy mind and lack of ideas on how much more I have to endure. But, let me tell this, I strongly believe in myself that with faith, effort and a positive vibe, I will go through it. in sha Allah.


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