Finally finished with The Internship!


I finally finished with the Internship, how one month flew by like rain came by on a bright sunny day. With that means I am done with all of the projects and thankfully finished with the file completion. What a bliss!

It was only for a month but there had been many occurrences that happened. Our two group projects were done ahead of time including its proposal. They felt like forever to complete but here it was, I am glad to finally done with those. To all of my juniors, you might be feeling like something huge is coming your way and all these feel like impossible to do, believe me I’ve thought the same way before, but they are all possible.

Having finished with the Internship means I’ve gone through all the 4 phases of School-Based Experiences, and 1,2 and 3 months of Practicums. They all had been within 4 years of studying, one for each of the semester. I remembered clearly how scared I was standing in front of the Year 3 kids in one of the school during the SBE, struggling in my words, pretending I was pro at teaching grammar, which now I think as a total failure. I honor that struggle because no matter how good I am, there will always be something I am not good at and be okay to not feel okay at my firsts. I would still feel nervous sometimes but comparing to how I acted a few years ago, I have definitely grown a lot better and have the ability to response professionally now.

As promised on my previous post, I would be sharing my before-after photos of my individual project, which was to create a puppet-theatre for the school. It was not my idea, in fact, it was my mentor’s idea which she had suggested me to do it. I thought that would not cost me a great deal of issue to do so I said yes. Turned out, I only managed to get it completed within two weeks, just before the final week of my Internship. Enough with the talking, here goes my end result of my project:

So thankful to my mentor when she willingly let me use this paint which she bought for her room. But because of my carelessness I forgot to put it back to where I took it and fate has made it that a group of undergraduates (not blaming them whatsoever) took it and pfft.. it was gone now onto all over the wall of the building at school.
I wondered why does this old man being so huge among the others only to get it recognised by one of my pupil when he said “ahh, this is the giant man in that story!”
I am pretty sure everybody knows who these characters are.
As you can see, it’s not perfect but I am glad to at least make it looks like a puppet-theatre

Hope everyone has an amazing day!

Since I am on my way to get my final project done for this semester and I am mostly on my computer on a daily basis, I would post once every so often one a weekly basis.

Keep your eyes peeled!



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