Life As an Undergrad #2: The Internship


Assalamualaikum and Hello,


I am currently in my fourth week of Internship and that means this week is going to be our final before we are officially done with this course. A month feels like a short period of time, for being in 5 and a half years old studying. I feel truly amazing. I will miss the school obviously but this is life. You have to face it strong. It has not finished yet why would I already talking about leaving?

Anyway, there is one more project for me to go through in this Internship. There are three compulsory projects that should be done throughout and we have successfully done with the two. My final project would be an individual activity, and that is to create a puppet-theater which I found to be enjoyable. Having done a mural on a large wall last semester got me to feel close with artsy thing (or is it colouring?) but all in all, I kind of loving the process of making the theater. It would definitely take longer time because it involves painting, browsing internet, printing design, cutting, hand-sewing, pasting, lifting and attaching stuff but everything feels just right to me. I love the thought that I am about to contribute something to the school and hopefully would bring goodness to their benefits.

I would be sharing (inshaAllah) the before-after photos once I finish everything up. Hopefully by this Wednesday it would look like a theater (LoL). One more week I can’t wait! Next Friday onward we also will be having a Raya Day Celebration (it is already over the month of Syawal) but they decided to extend it just for the sake of (also) celebrating our Farewell to the school. It’s a combo celebration. I am excited for it but I am also feeling a bit sad about the fact that high probably we won’t be seeing the school and the community anymore.


This is life. We must face it strong.


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