Langkawi Trip: Spending The Night in the Car, The Burnt Rice, Cenang Beach and Kuala Perlis

Praying Subuh in Jemaah


This is my final day of the whole 5 days trip covering Penang and Kedah states. Having been sleeping in the car for the night, we woke up incredibly early at 4 am. We had to rise early before Subuh prayer as the masjeed would be attended by the folks and we had to use the washroom before everyone else comes in. Thankfully, the washroom was clean and convenient for us and it did not take long before we got to pray along with the imam for Subuh prayer. It was also my first time of praying in jemaah and listening to tazkirah while traveling. It was really a memorable experience. We also got to talk with the aunties who attended the prayer as well. I felt quite shy to admit to them that we slept in the car but to my surprise they replied us with a comforting smile, as if they had seen similar situation like this.

Visited The Beautiful Cenang Beach.
Not wasting any minutes, we got off in search for breakfast. It was still very early therefore we decided to look for the infamous Cenang Beach. It was the best decision we made as there were not many visitors yet and we have got the place for ourselves. There were two or three foreigners walking along the beach while there were some who were willing to enjoy the coldness of the sea. It was very calming, everyone was enjoying the nature of the beach and the time seemed to be moving very slowly, not rushing any seconds. We stayed long enough to have played with the sea waves, taking pictures, searching for little crabs and sitting silently on the wet wooden chair while taking the time to enjoy the moment and really just appreciating life for everything. I knew why everyone loves the view of the beach. When you love nature, nature will give back to you.
Almost an hour at the beach, we then left and headed on to Cenang Area. We wanted to have breakfast but it seemed that most of the restaurants (and shops) were yet closed including the restaurant we have had our dinner last night. Luckily we found a small stall selling foods just in front of the Underwater World Langkawi. The stall was surprisingly had quite a number of customers that we had to wait to choose for our foods. The foods were very tasty and very much affordable too, although it was located in infamous Cenang Road. Now that we just had our stomach pampered, we then headed towards souvenir shops located just along the same road. We did not have much of our travel saving but we got to spend a bit on keychains, sarongs, pants and blouses.
The Failed Attempt to Mahsuri Tomb.
Our next destination before we return the car was to go to Mahsuri Tomb. Langkawi was a small island and we kept on driving the same road over and over again, but we did not seem to find the Tomb, even with the use of Waze. I personally confused as to why was it difficult to find the Tomb. Our renting time was almost up so we decided to cancel the plan and going on for the Burnt Rice location instead. Thankfully, it was not that hard to find as Mahsuri’s Tomb. We arrived at the location of the Burnt Rice which located just at the front yard of a house. The house was nicely redesigned with a full touch of Malay traditional house look. There was not much to look at for the Burnt Rice expect with a small plate of burnt rice left since the incident decades ago. What’s interesting though was the reason as to why did the leader of Langkawi decide to burnt the rice of the folks. Along the way to the location of the Burnt Rice was placed numerous souvenir shops just like the shops we visited at Cenang Area.
Getting to Kuala Perlis from Kuah Jetty
Knowing that we did not have much time left, we headed to the Langkawi Ferry Terminal to return the car to the owner. Now that we have returned the car, we then rushed on looking for ticketing counter to go to Kuala Perlis. I was thankful for a courtesy of my friend’s sister to opt for this ferry as the Kuala Perlis Bus Terminal is located just nearby to Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal. Langkawi Ferry Terminal was really packed with passengers. It took me awhile to adapt to its business. At this hour my handphone was really dying and I was unashamedly looking around for a plug to charge my phone. But I could not find one that worked.
I did not recall how long the trip to Kuala Perlis was but it was enough for us to crush. Once we reached Kuala Perlis, we then headed to find for the Bus Terminal. Right, I just realized we kept on looking for places. I was incredibly relieved that we managed to purchase our bus tickets to Kuala Lumpur and there were only two tickets left for the trip at 9.40am. God’s plans are always at the right time. Having the entire afternoon and night ahead of us before the schedule, we went on to tour around Kuala Perlis. What I mean Kuala Perlis was just around the neighbourhood of Kuala Perlis Ferry Terminal.
We have got to try out Perlis Laksa! We got to buy snacks at the truck stall, which I went on twice. Once again, we got to spend time during sunset at the sea bay, while a beautiful masjeed was standing above the sea on our right side, windmills above us and the ferry floating behind us. It was a serene moment for us. It definitely was a memorable time as we did not have planned for this situation to happen, the same thing during the early morning walk at the Cenang Beach.
Everything seemed perfect and all I ever think of was gratitude. Grateful that the almost-a-year of planning, 5 days of travelling, and every bits of experiences we faced throughout were something that reminded me how God had showered us with blessings and kindness, granting every wish we had. What favours of God would I then deny?
Separated at Kuala LumpurIMG_3612
Our trip officially ends once we reached KL where both my friend, Farah and I left separately. I got off at Jalan Duta while my friend got off later at Subang (if I am not mistaken).
I stayed with my sister at her home for a week before I flew to Labuan to my first sister’s home and also to see the places around Labuan Island. And that means, another adventure coming up soon on the blog!

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