Langkawi Trip Day 1: The Eagle Square, Renting A Car & The Langkawi Cable Car

This post is the continuation of my Penang-Langkawi Trip. You might want to read my previous posts for Day 1Day 2 and Day 3 in Georgtown, Penang. Our fourth day started off with usual routine, waking up at 6am, showered, prayer for Subh, had toasts and boiled eggs for breakfast. It was a calm morning, everything was smooth and peaceful. Now that it was our fourth day in Penang and everything went according to the plan, it was our time to leave Penang and exploring another island in the north of the Peninsular, the Langkawi Island.
The Ferry Terminal is just on the left side of The Clock Tower
The Arrival
It was still very early that we checked out of the hotel but we had to catch the earliest ferry trip to Langkawi from Georgetown which was at 8.00am and 8.30am. Thankfully, the location of the Penang Ferry Terminal was within walking distance from our hostel that was in Chulia Street. We headed out and playfully walking towards the terminal. Georgetown was such a quiet place in the morning, vehicles could literally be calculated by fingers. If you are wondering where the ticketing counter is, it  is located just next to the Tower Clock roundabout. A one-way trip costed about RM70 per person.
Once we arrived at the Langkawi Ferry Terminal at about 11am-12pm, we then were approached by a few guys, aiming to promote their rental car services. We figured we needed a car to go around Langkawi as this is a small island and there was not much of  public transportations that are tourist convenience, except for booked mini van tours, but then it would be costly for just the two of us to opt for that. Finally, after a few minutes of discussion with one of the guys, we managed to get a car which was at pretty decent deal, RM80 a day for an auto Myvi Perodua car. There problem was that we had to wait for quite a bit for the car to arrive at the Terminal, only to later informed that we would be taken to a place in which the car was at. He offered us to use the Almera Toyota for the same deal as he did not want us to wait long but we refused the offer.
Now that we have that small but comfortable car, our first plan was to visit Dataran Lang for its infamous huge Eagle. Dataran Lang is also called as Eagle Square and it is a landmark of Langkawi Island. It was located next to Jetty Kuah or the Ferry Terminal of Langkawi. Once we finished touring around, we headed for lunch before searching for the Langkawi Cable Car. It was pretty easy going around Langkawi as there was not any traffic going on, and I doubted there would be any peak hours.
Getting to Langkawi Cable Car
We stopped by a restaurant in which I could not recall its name to have a quick lunch. I have chosen Nasi Goreng Kampung (my all time favourite) and my friend opted for Nasi Kandar. Once we finished, we went on with the plan, visiting Cable Car Langkawi. I took us about 40 minutes to reach the place and the sun was striking at its high and the heat was overbearing at our arrival. Since it was already into the long school holidays for all Malaysian National Schools, the place was crowded with people. But I guess this place has never been quiet.
Not wasting any minute, we headed to the counter and purchased two tickets with a student discount. I could not remember how much was it but it was pretty affordable. Our time was at 3.40pm, and knowing that we have got a time for a little touring around the main areas, we strolled from one to another souvenir shops, looking for cheap key chains and postcards. Once we were done, we then headed to pray for Zuhur and Asr. Thankfully the place was accommodated with prayer room but it was a bit small for a large number of visitors, at least from what I’ve encountered that day.
One thing I’ve learned about hopping on the cable car in Langkawi was that you need to have a lot of patience. It was full of people and the line from the entrance to the inside of the building was a long waiting moment. You could only move for half a meter every 5 minutes. While fast lane was provided it was way out of our budget. I would recommend choosing fast lane to cut off hundreds of people. The money we spend could never replace the time we wasted in the line. Time is always a priority, we can’t get it back.
Finally, it was our turn to get in the cable car. What an exciting first time experience! It was a bit of a nerve to stay put inside the SkyCab knowing that you were practically hanging in the air, relying just on that rocky cable on top.
We finally reached the first stop of the cab and already people were waiting in the line to get to the second pit stop. We stopped a while, just to snap a few pictures. My absolute goal of coming here was to see and walk along the Sky Bridge which was an amazing architectural work. To get there we headed to the second pit stop and bought another ticket which were sold at a counter provided. Upon asking, I was shocked to learn that we have to walk for about 10 minutes down the hill for us to reach the Sky Bridge. I was contemplating whether to go for it because at that time my backache was killing me. It was really painful and all I ever wanted was to get down there with another cable car provided. I knew that there was a construction of railway and the escalator-like that would facilitate people to reach the Sky Bridge without the need to walk that long. How I wished it was available sooner. But it was obviously unfinished and I decided to just go for it and ignored the aching of my hip. I felt like an old lady.
The SkyBridge Experience
It was a wise decision I’ve made. The feeling of finally be there, after months of waiting for this trip and another hours of waiting in the line was worth it. The view from SkyBridge was unbelievable. It reminded you of the highest power that created it, in which to me, is Allah. Gratefully the weather was a cloudy thus it temperature was chilling and calm. We walked along the bridge, taking every step slowly, while wondering how beautiful life is. Seeing someone hugging tightly at her friend while still had the urge to walk on that shaky bridge, made me appreciate the little things in life. While others strolling as if it was a regular pedestrian street. How incredibly smart were the people who created the idea of this Longest Free Span and Curved Bridge in the World, built on top of a mountain. What made it even more magnificent was its support was the only one high single pylon. I wanted to stay a bit more but my friend kept bugging me to leave as it was about to rain and we had to walk the forest again, I mean, hike.
Just as we reached the pit stop again, I was sweating like crazy. Everyone was gasping for air and my legs felt like a jelly. There was nothing more fascinating than to head back to the main building. This time, we were in the cab with a small Indian families from Singapore. They were talking endlessly throughout the ride back down. It was nice to watch. The cab halted for a few minutes just as we were at the steepest area, surprisingly we were all very quiet. Even the Indian family stopped talking. Have you ever experienced that? When everything was put into a pause and suddenly the loudest noise you heard was the air going out of your noise? It was the moment I could hear the sound of the nature. The forest became greener, the sky became whiter amidst the clouds, and your fingers became surprisingly softer than any other days.
The Seven Waterfall
The rains were still pouring when we arrived at the main station. Heavier now, everyone was lingering at the lobby area, hoping for the rain to stop. Families kept going for the rain, some were willing to purchase more umbrellas for them to get through the it while some, a newly wed couple had their raincoat, ready to go. Lucky for them, it was a memorable moment. The lady was kind enough to get here shawl wet just to get a few good pictures. I would probably do the same exact thing.
and off we in to the souvenir shop again, purchasing the same raincoat. By the time we reached the car park, the rain had miraculously slowed drastically. Our pants and shoes were already damp as the raincoat was only on knee length. Nevertheless, it was also a memorable moment for the both of us. Better than that never ending Malaysia summer.
Stay tuned for my next post as I will be sharing my experience at night in Langkawi Island as well as what we did on the next day.

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