Penang Day 3: Getting to Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera), Kek Lok Si Temple (Why using HopOnHopOff Bus is Amazing)

Hello and Assalamualaikum,
may peace be upon you all.  
As usual, we started off the day with a light breakfast at the hostel. We were so excited this time as we would be hopping on the Hop On and Hop Off Bus  to get around Georgetown. Apart from Rapid Bus, Hop On and Hop Off Bus is another most useful public transportation that you can opt for whenever you are planning to from one to another tourist attractions there. In fact, it is mainly for tourist convenience. We booked our bus tickets through the man who greeted us when we first came into the hostel. He was a really nice man. For a Malaysian with student’s id card, you could get a discounted price for the ticket, which was only MYR12 each. This bus is definitely helpful especially in saving your time from changing on bus to another bus that goes to different route. As this bus is specially designed to go from one tourist attraction to another, the tourists would have the flexibility to stay in the bus until the bus reaches the place she wanted to visit.
We hopped in the first bus that morning, near Chowrasta Market. Chowrasta Market is the first station for this bus. Once you get in, you would have to clarify your tickets and you would be given a booklet. Every other minutes there would be an announcement or information briefed by the bus conductor, providing passengers an interesting facts about Georgetown and its historical values. Unless you fall asleep, it would be easier to know your next station is, considering they would announce it.
We chose to sit at the upper deck of the bus, and it was way enjoyable to see Georgetown with the air touching our faces. Thankfully it was early in the morning so it was not that hot when we stayed outside. I would recommend not to choose for the deck once the day hits around 10am. Malaysia is a humid country, and I ensure you don’t want to be hit by weather, even with the sunscreen on.
Reaching Penang Hill, which was the second last destination for the bus before they return to Chowrasta Road, we began to get excited. I am always easily entertained with new places. Once we touched down at Penang Hill entrance, I noticed that there were big crowd waiting for their turn to get in. The line was really long and we waited at least 30 minutes before it was our turn to get in the train that would take us up to the peak of Penang Hill. It was a bit of a torture for my already aching back. I had to close my eyes and sit wherever I can. Forget all that awkward stares.
The journey to the peak was quite nerve wrecking, but in a good way of course. The hill was really high and there was only one train that goes down and up at a time. Answered why it took us long to wait. Once we finally reached the peak of Penang Hill, we got to watch Penang Island, including part of the mainland of the Peninsular Malaysia. What excites me the most was to be able to see both of the Pulau Pinang Bridges from a far. I’ve heard of it since I was a little kid and saw it only on television, before the new bridge was constructed.
There are quite a few things you can do to experience at the top of Penang Hill. Just to clarify stuff, Penang Hill and Bukit Bendera is just the same thing. In case you are searching for both of the location. If you a quite of a reptile lover, then you can take a picture while touching or carrying a snake. Or you could either have a little tour at the Owl Museum, if you are particularly interested  in owl. Atop the museum, there is a Love Lane corridor in which you could buy a love lock and lock it there. A hindu temple, a mosque and a restaurant are also available at the top.
We decided to pray at the mosque before going back down. The water was cold and refreshing, just in time when you need a wake up chill in the noon. I would really consider paying extra money to buy fast lane ticket then to wait for so long, and if you considering visiting Penang Hill, then you would have to choose other days then the weekends. We waited for the Hop on and Off bus at the same exact location as our tickets could be used for 24 hours (you could also buy a ticket worth of 48 hours) as we wanted to go to Kek Lok Si Temple. This temple could be seen from afar, as the statue was really tall and big and the temple is located at the hillside.

The temple was massive. It was a workout to walk up even to the entrance of the temple. While it was a so huge, constructions were still actively working. Even with back issue, I still had the gut to climb the pagoda of the temple. The view was almost the same as at the Penang Hill. It was a spectacular experience. The temple was big enough to have a long souvenir shops, a well-kept garden and many different buildings for praying. I could not be more amazed at this temple.

Once we finished touring, we decided to buy a little souvenir to bring back home.
Our next and final destination was to find something to eat. Since we were given a recommendation of what to eat in Georgetown, this time we opted to eat out at Medan Selera, just next to Padang Kota Lama and Fort Cornwallis. We were starving almost like half to death and having to wait in the line (again) to get our Mee Sotong, I felt like crying.really. We ordered Mee Sotong, Pasembur and two coconut drinks. Not feeling enough, I went to buy another Iced Nescafe before heading back to our hostel.
Long day, we arrived at maghrib and looking like someone who just had a long marathon. I wanted to take a long fresh shower, pray and sleep. The rest could wait tomorrow. But it did not happen. We even had the gut to do a laundry even with a pitiful, soaring body.
What a day. But it was definitely worth it. One thing I regretted of not doing while I was in Penang was to go to that adventure park and have an adrenaline rush going!  Tomorrow is another adventure begins. Goodbye Penang but see you Langkawi!

I hope you find this post informative, I have shared my Day 1 and Day 2 in Penang, just click on the links if you’d like to!


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