Penang Day 2: Arts Streets, Hainan Temple and The Fort Cornwallis.

Hello and Assalamualaikum,
Our day 2 in Penang started early at 7am. I woke up feeling refreshed and calm as the capsule was comfy enough to make me sleep well at night. The air-cond wasn’t too cold but enough to make me chill in the morning. Knowing we have a long day ahead of us, I immediately woke up and got out of my capsule, which was pretty annoying as I had to climb down the stairs each time.
After that refreshing shower and dressed nicely, we went down to the hotel lobby (and cafe) to catch our breakfast. Since the hotel offered a free breakfast for the stay, we were able to save money for both breakfast and lunch. The waiting was quite longer than we expected for the food to arrive. I wondered what made it so long to prepare a western food that I assumed could be done in less than 10 minutes. Let just say there was a storm happened in the kitchen, and luckily the food tasted great.


We then headed outside, ready for the adventure to begin. Having to slowly walk around with the map and camera on our hands, I realized how calmly Georgetown was in the morning. At 9am, most of the shops and hostels were not yet opened, people walking by could be counted by hands while there were only a few vehicles on the road, while many still visibly parked at the side.

The first destination we visited was the Hainan Temple. It was not that far from Chulia Street, in which our hotel is at. We decided to talk a look around at the front of the Temple and pictures of course, but we did not get in to see what it’s like in the inside. We then walked again, while kept finding arts streets, or more like wall arts. There were many of these arts placed around Georgetown, which are the main reason as to why Georgetown is so popular. Unexpectedly, we found the Chocolate Museum! It was not on the list but that’s the beauty of walking around. We were greeted nicely by the employees and calmly placed the stickers on our arms while shyly showing us the way to the entrance and into the room where you can learn about coffee and chocolate making. We then walked our way to the chocolate shop, which was anything but chocolate and coffee. I was tempted to buy but in the end I was okay that I did not purchase anything. But at least we have got to try almost everything for free there, flavours to another, coconut to spicy chocolate. We even had the chance to sip different kind of coffee which I had never tasted outside!

At the entrance of the museum/shop, there was a small corner that sold drinks from coffee to tea. I wanted so badly to try one but the crowd was getting bigger in number, I figured I just had to let it go. Good bye coffee.

Then, we headed back to the hotel to get our backpacks and ready to move to another hotel. We packed our things and checked out, leaving just our smiles and goodbyes to the receptionist. lol. We walked and walked along the Chulia Street until a few minutes later we found our home for the next two days, The Roommate’s Hostel! Turned out the owner has two different places in which he then showed us the exact hostel that we would be staying at for the next two days in Penang. We were greeted and welcomed by this middle-aged, friendly Chinese man whom I learned work in day shift as the hostel keeper. He was expecting us to arrive that day as we’ve made a call and booked for our stay a few weeks earlier. This place felt more like a home rather than a typical hotel, a complete different situation with the capsule we spent in the night before.

The room we got had two single bunk beds and since we arrived it was empty therefore I opted for the lower bed this time. The mattress was so thick and comfy, I could have taken a nap for hours! Instead, we rushed out to see the beauty of arts in Georgetown.

Our plan was to find all the arts streets as much as we possible can throughout the day. And I remembered walking not exactly confident that we are heading to the right direction in search for the arts. We had this map on our hands the entire time, trying to figure out the location of each of the arts, since they are basically scattered everywhere. There was this one time we asked a man for the direction and once he told us, he started ‘following’ us. It was a bit weird (plus scary) because I was curious as to why he even bothered going along as that would cause him nothing but tired. I kept my pace faster as I started feeling something was not right before I realised that many of the men were heading to the same direction as we were. It was not even a minute that we figured out it was Friday noon and these men were actually going for perform the Jumuah Prayer. What a waste of misunderstanding.

It took us around 3 hours to venture around Georgetown and we finally managed to see a lot of the arts streets. Luckily it was raining in the afternoon thus the weather was not so horrifying. Once we finished with the ‘Finding Nemo’ thing, the next plan was to eat. The buns and sausages I’ve had that morning had already gone.


Guess my food? Yes. Nasi Kandar again. We actually have a funny story to tell about this but I would save it for a later post as I will be sharing my reviews with the foods while we were in Penang.


Once we finished eating and praying (The mosque was just a few meters away from the stall), we wanted to go to Fort Cornwallis. I knew from the map that it was not quite far to walk to Fort and I was already exhausted of walking for hours. My back started to ache which I usually had whenever I walked or stand for too long. We mindlessly searching for the bus station as we did not really know where to go. It was like the climax of the day and soon we found this signboard stating ‘Fortcornwallis 1KM’. My friend was ecstatic to just walk towards it by I was really tired and wanted to catch a bus. In the end, we walked. slowly. calmly. one breath at a time. ooh. the roads were not a joke in Georgetown.

We finally reached the location. I was more than happy but my legs and back told me the opposite. Having to walk for miles, we bought that 10MYR each to enter the fort. 20 for non-Malaysian. Nobody was actually willing to waste their 10MYR for just a small historical Fort that Francis Light had left for the town because..fact is.. there was nothing to do in there. People were just lurking in from the entrance and woosh, gone away. But anyway it was a great time spent resting and walking around the fort without anyone else. You could just dance like Beyonce and nobody would ever catch you and laugh. except for a small number of people like us and a small number of other visitors.


I just wished the lady at the counter would not call us as ‘Indonesian’. We even had to clarify with our ICs. Travel and see the world they say.

30 minutes later we got bored and wanted to go back to the hostel. Dear life, I was amazed at how I was still capable to use my legs to go all the way to the hostel. We remembered we did not talk much on our way back.

Having to take rest, shower and rest again, we headed outside again in hunt of food. Luckily we found out a halal restaurant just nearby,Danish Briyani House. Most of the restaurants in Georgetown were serving non-halal and the majority are Chinese owned. Then,we ordered a few based on the owner’s suggestions and they were great. I personally think with that great services I would not mind to pay a little over the average price as on the menu.

It did not take long after we ate and talked with the owner of the restaurant, which was extremely friendly and helpful with his knowledge as a food-lover, we decided to find a cyber cafe. We found one but then my friend failed to retrieve all her photos into the hard drive. Until the cafe was about to close, we then left and stopped by 7e to buy some stuff. and Salonpas for my back!


The entire night was then filled with a mindless dream as we were both exhausted.
Stay tuned for Day 3!

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