Penang Day 1 : The Arrival, My First Proper Nasi Kandar Penang & The Time Capsule Hotel Experience

(I have to be honest though that this entry has been in my draft, quarterly done since earlier this year and I have had no time whatsoever to come back and complete it. But I am happy that I get to finally share this with everybody. )
A week after we started off our semester break at the end of November 2015, we left Sabah and headed to Penang, an island located at the north side of peninsular Malaysia. I was excited to go as it was my first time going to Penang and I was anxious to be in a place I have never been to, although it is still within my country. Prior to February in the same year, I have booked a one-way fight from KK to Penang for per pax, and that was only for me. I did not want to miss this opportunity for once and all I was thinking that I would be going alone. It was scary to think of but my own feelings convinced me that I can do it. Turned out, about a month before the day, I have told a close friend of mine about it and joyfully asked her to join, in which she later said yes after she got her permission from her parents. It was good to have a buddy to travel with and from there we’ve got a lot of things planned for the entire 5 days.
Our flight was at 1.30pm from Kota Kinabalu International Airport 2 and safely landed at 4.00pm in Penang International Airport. We stayed for a while at the airport to perform prayers and then headed outside to catch a bus to the hotel. We waited up to 5.30pm to hop on the Rapid Bus that goes to our hotel and it took us around 30-50 minutes to finally arrived at Chulia Street. For those who did not know about Georgetown, Chulia Street is very famously known as a hub for backpackers and you can easily spot a lot of hotels/hostels along the street. We told the bus driver to bug us once we arrived there since we have no idea how the Chulia Street would look like. A few minutes after we got out of the bus, we found the hotel, The Time Capsule Hotel.

The Time Capsule Hotel is probably quite expensive if you are traveling in budget, more likely for a broke students who can barely survive with their monthly allowances. However, we wanted to try experiencing a night stay in a capsule, so we invested our 2 weeks of budget for food, just for the sake of this experience. All prepared. All good. It wasn’t a bad feeling at all to have that nice looking cafe at the hotel lobby and friendly services from the registry desk who was at that time, unaccompanied and bored. After we received a bag of toiletries, headphones, tv remote and a key card, we headed to the section where we have to change slippers and use the ones that were already prepared. Our joyous grins of seeing those small cascading lockers really showed how old-fashioned and innocent we were.

We’ve later found our capsules at the first floor! Guess who’s excited to the max?

A few minutes after that embarrassingly loud excited voices of ours, we prepped up for Maghrib and Isya Prayers. Since we were considered wayfarers, Qasr and Jama’ prayers had been really convenient to us. I remembered being extremely hungry as I haven’t had any proper meals before the flight except for the cold waffle I’ve had while waiting  for the bus at the airport. It was time for food hunting. My travel buddy was most likely the most excited because unlike me, she is a food lover!

Night started fast, we went out in search for halal restaurant. I was a little grumpy at that time as I was dead hungry. Having to walk in a lonely dark road was really scary. I remembered asking my friend, Farah to turn around and find other way as I doubted the security of the surroundings. After that 10 minutes ‘adventurous-walking’, we found a mamak restaurant called ‘Nasi Kandar Line Clear’. Its name is undoubtedly funny. My friend said the restaurant had occasionally featured on television by some celebrities coming by to try their Nasi Kandar.

Not knowing how to properly order as we were at a different state now, I went to the section that offers a various selection of foods that you can choose to be with your Nasi Kandar. It’s like asking for your own preference for ice-cream toppings. The man helped us up nicely and waited for our choices. As always, I would always opt for the foods that I know I could eat and finish it up so meat and boiled egg it is. It was almost like a heavenly feel to finally have something to eat after all that journey that day.

After that dinner, we headed back to the hotel as we  wanted to take some good rest. This time, we discovered different route that goes to Chulia Street which was livelier than the first route we just used. We then headed to our capsules, went up to the third floor to use the their computer. Due to some issues, we could not use the computer, therefore we decided to play the snooker. It was a lot of fun.

That was it for the Day 1 in Penang. I will be posting another travel posts from time to time now.
Thank you for reading!

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