Semporna: Dragon Inn Floating Resort

{Note: This post was drafted back in November 2015 and I was having a second thought of not posting it here but then.. here it goes}

Dragon Inn Floating Semporna is located in the downtown of Semporna, and it is very likely to be known as ‘Floating’. The good thing about this Resort is that all of the rooms/chalets are built above the water, hence, the name ‘floating’. Their website is however under construction as of now.


It was very hot on our arrival and we had this trouble searching for a space to park. The entire parking space was occupied and luckily for us, our adventurous little car was just enough to slip in a limited space and got to park. If you come to Malaysia, you’ll find cars being parked everywhere, although people are not supposed to do it. And if you would like to stay in the resort, parking would probably a problem here.

The last time I came and visited ‘Floating’ was in 2011. and nothing tremendous has changed ever since. It was a great place to sit awhile and enjoying the view. They have this variety of fish being kept and cared in a cage underneath the floating boardwalk as one of the hotel tourist attraction. But if you are not staying in the hotel, you’ll have to pay for RM2 to enter.

We were not planning to stay nor to have a meal there, but we did have a good time walking around and watching the boats passing by from the terminal to pick up and off passengers. A norm I am not accustomed to.

 I wish the place could be monitored more regularly as the day we came over we were welcomed with unpleasant view of rubbish ‘floating’ on the water, just overlooking the entrance. and few others inside the fish cage. The place is more likely to be the usual location for couples to spend time together and sharing the same chair with them was not quite comfortable too. But, the sizes of the fish that were quite shockingly big had somehow helped to ‘ease’ us.
I hope that the management team could find ways to develop the area and come up with something new that are eye-opening to both their regular visitors and their clients.
That is all. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at

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