Almost at the end!

Today, one of the teacher at the school suddenly said something to me in a sad tone.
Dik, dak lama kamu habis, dak sedar 3 bulan ya. Aduh, sedihnya.
Well, I should have told her I couldn’t wait for the remaining two weeks to go so that we can finally be free again. But my conscious mind filtered my mouth which led me to say
Ya kak, kami pun ndak sedar 3 bulan. Cepat. 
I was too, surprised at how incredibly fast the time went by that we are now in the second week before the final one. It is still fresh in my head on how awkwardly we came in that first Monday, smiling sweetly at the curious parents, guards, pupils and teachers and cleaners. It was a day full of anxiety thinking about what would happen in three months.
and today, is yet our another Monday, the second last Monday at the school.
While the practicum is almost at the end,
we still have project to get done, lessons almost everyday, and formal observations by the lecturers.
Believe me, I have not yet feel the vibe of being almost free. not yet.

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