Blogging and Writing

Yes, I have been neglecting this blog. I love blogging, I really do. I love the thought of having your own little space to share whatever you want, to the people out there, no matter who they are. and I love reading blogs too. I was really addicted to reading blogs before. Recalling to my active blogging few years back, it was something I consider as my great moments. Simply because, again, came from my passion for blogging, writing things, reading stuff. 
I really do like writing and it is probably the reason why I felt so much attached to blogging. It allows me to write with intention. I would love to become a book writer one day. and I know you would probably laugh at this but I really will make a book of my own in the future. I don’t have the exact planning for this dream yet, but I know who I am, I will do it. Easier said than done right? We’ll see.
As for now, I will be posting and writing through this blog. I am having a second doubt of my blog’s name, again. for countless times now. but I just let it be for now. It’s not my biggest concern. The real problem is not the title or my blog url. The problem is myself. Would I be committed to my dear blog?
It’s in the middle of the night right now and honestly I would wish to shut down my computer and go to sleep, instead of wasting my precious night to write ‘trashy’ unimportant post like this. But if I don’t do this now, I would never get it anywhere near anytime soon. Plus, this post could probably the start of my biggest step to be out there, become someone I, always, dream myself to be. 

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