Life Lately: Thoughts of Life

A surprising thought that just came out of my mind,
while I am busy refining my assignment which I will write later in this blog because it is very important for me to document, I realized one thing.
Before that, it is appropriate for me to give a credit for this website as this thought came out while I was reading this blog. Prior to this, I was actually browsing webs for my assignment purposes but now, it caught me.
This life, temporary life we have should be lived meaningfully.
what I mean meaningful is not just about writing goals and planning action to achieve them. and chasing them.
what I mean is to live fully, immerse in the beauty of what’s life right now.
The moment that we are in at this exact time, should be lived with all out hearts.
This exact moment will never come back. It will go away. and we will never have the chance to see it again. Except the memories that we have in our minds about it.
It is such a great value to appreciate this moment. While I am honestly anxious and a little overwhelm with what I am currently doing, I have to fully immerse in the works I am trying to finish up, because it will go away. I will get it done, and the anxiety and overwhelming feeling will also fade away. If I don’t enjoy and immerse in it, would there be any meaning what I just went through? Most probably, no.
So, yes, from this moment, I will enjoy the moment I have. Whether it be a fun or difficult situation, it should be appreciated. That is the definition of living life meaningfully. Life has so much to offer for those who seek for it. Most of the time, I would just rather avoid or trying to escape as fast as I can, if I were to have a difficult time. Never less I think that I should have accept it and enjoy the journey because my final destination is ABSOLUTE. The difference is how we live our short lives, not how we end it up. so does everyone in this world.
We all are to leave this world soon. And we never know when is it. Many times, people leave before they have ever achieve their worldly goals. So, enjoy this little life, this exact moment, make everything counts. They are the only thing that we will bring to the next stage of our lives.
Subhanallah. Thank YOU for this thought.

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