New Travel Post & Happy New Year


Only on the 9th of January I finally managed to come back and write something for my blog. Since it has not passed half of January I guess I could still wish everyone a Happy New Year? so,
Happy New Year everyone! 
I wish and pray nothing but the best of everything for all of us,
it is a new year and a new beginning to start making something more meaningful for our lives.
don’t forget that the best is not something yet to come, but something we have to come for. 
anyway, the reason I was not blogging from the end of November until today was that we had our end of semester break so we headed home to spend time with the family, plus, I was having up and down connection with the internet. 
This year is definitely the most crucial part of my campus life as it is my final year. You know instantly that everything you have been learning since semester 1 was to prepare you for this moment, and you have to make it work. Unless, 5 years and a half of study would just be wasted.
whenever it is a new year, most people would have their own resolutions, including myself. 
There are a few of course, in all kind of range, here are some of them:
Traveling/Going Places:
1. To travel to at least one nearby country. (by the end of this year)
2. To go exploring the Tun Sakaran Marine Park in Semporna. (by the end of this year)
3. To go exploring my local place with my best friend. (by the end of this year)
1. Stable in forearm balance variations. (throughout the year)
2. Improve my forward fold flexibility. (it was not my priority the past two years of doing yoga)
1. Pray every single day and night.
2. Treat my mom the best way possible. (lifetime)
3. Reach my GPA target. (this semester)
4. Pass my Action Research study. (end of final year)
5. Ignorant on negative vibes. (lifetime)
and some more. 
Anyway, I am so excited to share a few more posts related to my travel. It has always been in the back of my mind these days but it was quite a challenge to find time to write them down here, especially with all the needed-some-tidy-up desk and organizing my little space, I got dragged away from blogging. 
I will be posting one very soon.
till then, have a nice wonderful day!

wait, what’s your resolutions this year?


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