Semporna : Scuba Tiger Resort & Tour (Tampi-Tampi)

Yep. It’s no longer called the Tampi-Tampi but changed to Scuba Tiger Resort & Tour. I haven never been there before which my friends had and from their experiences it has undergo huge improvement since the past. I personally think this place has gotten its popularity after it was used as one of the setting in the making of the Duyung film, few years back. Back then there is nothing much that you can do here, except to eat out at a restaurant with a wonderful sea view of Semporna.
The hut view from the parking space
Now, not only this place has a restaurant that offers freshly cooked seafood, you can also book a chalet that is provided just nearby it. There are a number of water activities that you can try during your stay. This place is also surrounded with houses of Tampi-Tampi villagers, which is a good thing. You’ll get to see their lifestyles and at the same time learning their cultures.
The neighbourhood
It takes just about 10 minutes to reach this place from Bukit Tengkorak, given both are just around the same area. From the entrance, you’ll find a small (under construction) hut above the main gate which is kind of cute. At the entrance, you’ll have to pay your entrance fee for RM5 (adults) but we are not very sure how much would it cost for Non-Malaysians since there is no signboard stating about it at the front.
There is an ample space for parking, which is good. What I like most about this place was that they have this clean surrounding while the water was really clear, you could definitely see your phone at the bottom, in case you drop it off while taking selfie (did not happen to me by the way). Although there are houses living nearby the water is amazingly at a good clean condition albeit some places that I’ve gone to whereas disappointing. A few people were having their meals at the restaurant but I didn’t see any tourists walking by, probably not in their high season.
The restaurant.
However, we did not opt to eat there since we had our lunch at the top of Bukit Tengkorak, which we brought with us from the campus. We could have a swim if we want to but sadly nobody reminded us to bring extra clothes for a change. We don’t want to go back in wet clothes. So, what we did? Sitting by the edge of the boardwalk and soak in our feet in the water and playfully kicking the sea waves that came over. It was somewhat therapeutic. We were also entertained by these two kids swimming and diving nearby us and admiring their skills and friendliness with the water. I am honestly scared of water if I knew it’s deep, although swimming in the river was one of my best childhood memories. Maybe the experience of getting drown when I was still small made me scared of deep water but yes, if I could have a chance, I would go and beat my fear of depth, swimming without the help of life jacket. I would.
As I have mentioned earlier, there are a few things you can do here. I’ll put the lists of activities down here as well as their costs so that you could have an initial idea:
1. Banana Boat (RM30-15min)
2. Flying Fish (RM40-15min)
3. Jetski (RM50-15min) (RM150-30min)
4. Water Surf (RM60-30min)
5. Sail Boat (RM25-15min)
*terms and condition apply.
There are some other activities like taking a diving course where you’ll get to learn diving at an amazing islands like Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan etc. If you are not a diver, you can arrange other activities like island hopping around Semporna because…really guys, you should not miss this out. Semporna has the best islands in the world for you to go to. Try googling, Bohey Dulang, Sibuan, Tatagan, Maiga… in short, the Tun Sakaran Marine park.
However, I did not get the information about the booking for chalets there but if you are interested then just go to their official website (scubatiger) and find their contact number. Vans are also provided so yes… they’ll get to pick you up from the nearest airport (Tawau airport) or bus terminals.
The good thing about this place is it’s new and a lot of the equipment are definitely brand new and work just great. Go ahead and arrange your schedule.
Small cafe. (not the restaurant)
One of the chalets.
Hope you’ll find this post informative,
next destination coming up soon.
stay tuned!
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