Road Trip…again!

I know. I am super amazed with myself too. In less than two months, I’ve gone to three road trips around the east coast of Sabah, along with my other best friends. The first trip was to Sandakan and Kinabatangan, which I have posted several posts of all the places that we visited. The second trip was to Kunak and Lahad Datu and a few other entries are already on the blog. And this time, our latest trip was to Semporna which was a very care-free trip. If you heard about Semporna, all the comes up would be the beautiful islands that could beat up Maldives and you would have thought we went for an island hopping thing, but we didn’t. at least, not yet.
I will be posting the places that we visited in Semporna and few tips and recommendations will come along with it. I am excited to have been visiting places in Sabah, especially around the east coast, knowing that we only have about a year before we graduate and it would be hard to go roadtripping with my friends once we separated. This is just the perfect time to start making all great memories.
Stay tune for the trip to Semporna!
Thank you for reading~

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