Madai Waterfall, Kunak, Sabah

We had the chance to visit this recreation center just on the roadside of the main road from KK/Sandakan to Tawau, right after we got lost and had the unexpected visit to Menara Kayangan in Lahad Datu. It is very easy to spot as we can visibly see the Police Checkpoint there. The signboard of the Waterfall was however difficult to detect because the color is already faded out.

This place is an R&R area where you can stop by to pray, eat lunch or just to get some rest before heading to your destination. We bought our tickets to see the waterfall, and it was a 5 minutes walk to the waterfall from the parking lot. To get to the Waterfall, we had to use the wooden staircases that were provided leading down to the lower area, where you can spend the time to enjoy the nature and take photos. It was not very busy during our visit, in fact, there was only one guy there that seemingly enjoying the nature alone before leaving upon our arrival. and few other visitors that came up after us. The weather was nice, although it was hot but the nature kept us all comfortable and calm.

A few minutes after spending some time, we climbed up the stairs again and ate our lunch in the hut provided. There was a little hut too that was built just next to the waterfall but it was not kept well and seemed rarely cleaned up (dusty and a few rubbish around), so we thought we would not be comfortable having lunch there. We have brought our lunch already cooked from campus so that was the meal for the day and it was incredibly tasty, considering we have not eaten anything since our light breakfast at the campus, we were starving. The meal had also helped us in our budget.

Before leaving, we also went to the toilet and it was in a not-so-terrible condition and cleaned up. The toilet that we used was the one nearby the restaurant, not one that is nearby the hut we spent time eating lunch. There were other activities that are being offered and tickets are available at the counter, that located just on the left side of the main gate. Initially, we were interested to go to the canopy but it was closed, due to its lacked of maintenance and it is no longer safe to be used. It can be seen from the waterfall area.

It is so reachable, considering it is just on the side of the main road that leads from KK/Sandakan to Tawau. I would recommend using own car to visit this place as buses rarely stop by. Get a flight from KK to Lahad Datu or Tawau and cater a taxi to get you there. It’ll be quite pricey. 
Adult Malaysian :RM5 (as of October 2015) 
Prayer Room (for Muslims)
Resting Area (Huts)
Shower/Changing Room (Closed as of October 2015)
Parking Lots
Small restaurant (Canteen)
Small stall (Selling soft drinks and snacks)

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