Things You Should Know About Tingkayu Archaeological Site & The Mud Pool in Kunak

We did not give up in searching for the Tingkayu Archaeological Site. We went back to the junction where we have seen the signboard leading to the Tingkayu estate. Luckily there were men sitting at the bus stop of the junction so we asked one of them if they happened to know where the Site is. He straight away told us to just go ahead and look for the sign on the left side. We were very happy that we thought we were at the right way and in minutes we would be having a little tour of the Site. Less we know we were about to get a knock on our head. 
From junction to the location that was told by the man we asked, it took us about 10-20 minutes. It would have been a lot faster if the road was paved/tarred. It was fully graveled and we had to drive very slowly. We eventually found the road that the man told us and we had to register our names to the worker in charged at the gate, and that was when we learned that there is no Archaeological Site in the area. He convinced us that he never heard of the Site anywhere in the area, for he has been living there for years. The man at the bus stop probably misheard us with ‘Tingkayu village’ which was supposed to be ‘Tingkayu Site’. Yes, there is an estate village there called Tingkayu but no archaeology thing whatsoever. 
However, the worker had given us hope that there is a mud pool in the area. We then brought our visitor cards and went in further until we reached another security gate. This time we worker told us that we need to have an official letter that allowed us to visit the mud pool. We tried to phone the owner (which the worker gave the owner’s number to us) and delivered our intention to visit the pool but we failed. The owner did not give a notch to our request. He stated that it is a private owned and it is not commercialized for public. (shrugged). 
We were very upset and disappointed that the information we have gotten from the internet was not being very helpful, plus with all the people being helpful along our way (still thanked), and there was no stating that we had to get through a complicated process just to visit the place. Please take note that this Mud Pool in Binuang estate is not open for public, unless you probably have a link exclusively with the owner or the people who are working in the estate. The same goes to Mostyn estate where you can find the Ex Japanese War Tunnel, Golf Club Impian Lake, and Telaga Tiga. Official permission is needed.  

Although we left with an upsetting news and very grungy stomach, I personally thought that it was a good experience for us and though we did not have much details about the place, we have definitely learned that sometimes things would not go as planned. 
Up to this time, we are not very sure about Tingkayu Archaeological Site. I do believe that it is exist and open for public, and I have seen the signboard ‘Tingkayu Archaeological Site’ before, and I am sure it is located somewhere along the road from Tawau-KK but this time, just not in Binuang estate area in Kunak. We have not planned anything to further this search of Tingkayu Site but I would really looking forward to it, and to satisfy my incomplete thought about it. Should you have any information (detailed) about the exact location and way to get there then please let everyone knows. In whatever ways that suits you.
*This is our own personal experiences in the search of Tingkayu Archaeological Site. The search is not end yet, we may be having another trip anytime next year before we graduate and hopefully we will be able to find the correct location of the Site. 
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Thank you for reading. It’s a lovely day, make it great. 

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