Sandakan-Kinabatangan Budget Road Trip (Itinerary)


Honestly, I was a bit reluctant to share this post. I have never exposed anything financial related when it comes to traveling to anyone except for my family and closest friends because, 1) I can barely afford my short trips, 2) the judgement looks when you are being honest about your travel expenses. Now that I am sharing this post here publicly, the whole world would know. But I hope and I know that this post would be very much informative for the people out there who would want to do similar things, yes you.

We have spent the whole weekend 3D2N stays in Sandakan and Kinabatangan few weeks ago. We have used two cars throughout the trips and one was rented from UB Jaya Tawau Car Rental, for 3 days while one was owned by my friend which was basically free. and that car was our savior.


We have tried to really make this trip as affordable as we can so that we could save more and spend less.
We did not spent anything in souvenir, we did not even had time to visit the souvenir shops in any of the destinations we visited. I know, you would have said “that’s kind of sad not having anything from Sandakan…” but pictures worth thousand more than a single keychain. It’s more than enough.
The highest expenses we have paid for came from the car rent + gas and our foods (which could hardly be controlled).
Here is the simplest itinerary I share with you all, I hope this one helps whenever you are planning to visit Sandakan and Kinabatangan.
1. CAR RENT: RM130/day X 3 days = RM390/9 person = RM43
    * We decided to collect RM100 each to pay for the rent as well as to fill in gas for the whole trip.
        So, rent + gas = RM100
2. HOTELS: RM23 + RM30
 *Thankfully, We have used our gas budget to paid for the first hotel (cheaper 1) so we had only paid RM30 for the hotel.
    so, TOTAL = RM30
3. FOODS/DRINKS : RM7.50 + RM3 + RM8 + RM13 + RM7 + RM7 + RM8
    TOTAL = RM54
    – Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, Sandakan : RM5
    – Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, Sandakan : RM15
    – War Memorial Park, Sandakan : free
    – Agnes Keith House & Tea House, Sandakan : RM2
    – Puu Jih Shih Temple, Sandakan : free
    – Gomantong Caves, Sukau, Sandakan : RM5
    – Agop Batu Tulug, Kinabatangan : RM2
      TOTAL = RM29

5. MISC: RM17
So, the entire expenses for this road trip was RM100 + RM30 + RM54 + RM29 + RM17= RM230.
This itinerary is based on my own spending and it would not be similar with my other friends especially in how much we spent on foods or just misc. The overall budgets that turned out was okay for me although I did crossed my own personal budgets, which was within RM150-RM200, but at least it did not go off way too far.
If you are looking forward to visiting Sandakan, I would personally advise to rent a car because Sandakan is a developing town. The difficult part is that Sandakan does not offer a flexible public transportation,especially to the tourists and getting from one to another tourist attractions is going to be a bit of a fussy, and they are not within walking distances. However, you can still opt for the tour bus that is available, provided by most hotels in Sandakan but then you are probably not able to visit as many places as you like for a day, especially if you are only staying for a short while.
That is all. I hope this helps?

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