Weekend Gateway #2: Sandakan Part 2

At night of our second day in Sandakan, we did not have any plans that were fixed but luckily a senior of ours who live in Sandakan invited us to have dinner at his home. It was like such something you did not expect but happy to have been invited because… you know, it’s free *wink eyes*. We got off from our hotel to his home which we did not know where it was, funny thing (and irritating as well) that we came back and forth to the main road around the neighborhood just to find the actual number of the house. We did find it in the end. andd the families were very friendly and welcoming, willingly to chit chat with us who acted so awkwardly. But the foods were superbly great, in a way that I had to keep rubbing my stomach because it was full with Nasi Kerabu and also the food I had just before we came to his house. We even had desserts which are Pengat Pisang and Cake after we ate that Nasi Kerabu. I honestly enjoyed the foods and thanks to our senior for inviting us to his house that day.
The last desserts we ate and finished right away~
the faces of happy tummies everyone~
We leaved at around 10pm that night and again we did lost in a search of the main road again. It was definitely hard to drive at night. Right then we arrived at the hotel, we off for the bed. haha. My body was aching throughout especially my back so I decided to just have a good night sleep. It was a chapter close for our trip that day, right after I closed the door of our hotel room that midnight.

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