Weekend Gateway #2: Road Trip to Sandakan (Preview)

Stopping by Lahad Datu station on our way to Sandakan
Exactly 6 days ago 9 of us headed off to Sandakan using two cars from Tawau. One of the cars we used was rented from a company which we have browsed from the internet and thankfully it was within our budget range, which was surprising to look at the size and the price it provided. We initially planned to just hopping on the buses that come and go daily from Tawau to Sandakan but we later discovered renting a car from Tawau is just a better idea and it was! I could not tell how incredibly useful the car was throughout the three days trip in Sandakan. Anyone of you would like to visit Sandakan, please please please consider renting a car because Sandakan has few different towns in there and almost every tourism places could not be reached out just by walking.
We got off quite late that Friday afternoon and therefore we arrived late too, at around 10 pm that night. However, I would say that arriving at night was way better because we were already exhausted and only wanted to have late dinner and rest. So, as expected, Sandakan town was already sleeping at that time with only few shops and restaurants open so we still managed to fill in our grungy stomaches. The best thing about the dinner was that we got to eat by the waterfront and we could hear the sound of the sea waves while the temperature was really just nice, with an extra bonus of getting to see the beautiful cruise which could be seen afar from the waterfront. I wondered how it feels like staying a night in that cruise. It somehow reminded me of The Titanic.
I have to say there are at least two thousands photos that we took throughout the trip. Considering of the places we went to and the number of phones and cameras that almost each one of us have, of course we took tons of pictures. I have to say too that it almost impossible not to pose at every corner we walked by therefore I apologize.
Okay,  I will be posting part by part of our trip, which I am so excited to share it here. We have visited 7 places altogether so imagine how would I be able to cramp them all into one entry. Very soon guys, very soon.
The view of Sandakan by the waterfront while having late dinner

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