Weekend gateway #1: Inderasabah, Wakuba and Pantai Batu Payung

Last week my friend asked me to join them catching sunrise at Inderasabah Beach. Since I have nothing up for the weekend so I thought it was a great offer so I said yes. I personally have never caught sunrises in the beach before so I was pumped up for the plan and already talking to myself that it would worth the sacrifice to wake up early. 
at 5.30am, my friends went to my room and woke me up. I was the kind of person who needed more than an alarm to get me up. We were rushing to catch the sunrise that I could only wash my face, brush my teeth, grab my scarf and a brooch and pinned it on my head like… absolutely out of style. 
once we arrived at the beach, the surrounding was already bright and the sun was nowhere to be seen. We figured that the sunrise did not appear that day. so not to ruin the mood, we just stayed at the beach (which was not the actual beach) and just soaking up the calmness of the area. It was really just calming. We also got to see the monkeys walking around the beach and jumping from one to another trees, responding to the day that they had to start working too, just like human. 
After few minutes of spending time there, we off for another trip to the nearby beach. Unplanned one. We heard that Wakuba has something great to offer, the jetty. It took us just about 10-20 minutes to get there, or probably less than that. We parked in, and off to walk towards which we assumed will lead us to the jetty. We just randomly asked away to any villagers we found where the jetty was. After quite few hundreds of steps, turned out the jetty was not there! We later found out that the jetty we thought was just water bridges (is it? but really not a jetty). 
However, along the way we have seen such a complete different environment. It’s amazing how in this small world, island even, we have completely different lifestyle and surrounding. It was really an eye-opening for me. What surprises me was that at the end of the walkway there was a house built above the sea and the tide was high at that time. at the left corner of the house, a woman sitting silently while her hands busy cooking on her firewood kitchen. While on the right side, a teenager was busily trying to untangled the fish from the net that were caught overnight.  For them, it was nothing but a normal, ordinary thing but for me, it was really something new. 
Our gateway did not end just that, we went to another place, which was cooler because the jetty was there! It felt great to finally see it after we got lost of searching one. The sea was in a high tide at that time and the jetty did not look as tall as it actual height. However, we did have fun throughout that short trip to different places in Tawau. It definitely something I will treasure once we graduate.

photos courtesy to Mandy and Wen. 

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