Life as An Undergraduate Student #1

Two months of Practicum was done. It felt almost unreal but yes, I’ve managed. A week of break before attending lectures again was really just the only thing that have helped me sane. Life has never been joking me these few years. Especially this year.

I have to be honest. This blog has been neglected for months, and I could say that anybody would laugh at how determine I was to keep this blog alive few months ago. Now, it’s almost not even existed. I have always opened up my dashboard every now and then but every time I tried to write something, all I have was a complete blank in my mind, as if I didn’t have anything up that I would like to share. Fact is, I felt that blogging is no longer something that people would look up to, considering how vast the growing of social media these days. People keep inventing something. Often times, Instagram seems better to write your thoughts than Blog. It’s that hard people. it’s that hard.

Being an undergrad for already 4 and a half years have grown me enough to be called an old lady. Looking back to how I spent my time at the first semester in the campus, I would use the entire night staying up and doing anything but nonsense. I didn’t even know what ‘panda eyes’ means at that time. but look how I am now, I would feel very bad having to stay up until 1-2am. Night is a very precious time for me.

So many things have happened for the past years and months. Each one has taught me to become a better person. or sometimes a bad person. I treasure all of them. They made me a normal human being. Sometimes I felt stress out, many times to be really honest. but I tried to really keep my mind positive with my life, I kept thinking and reminding myself that ‘this too shall pass’ and I believe strongly that ‘every difficulty there comes relief’. However, in times of that hardship came, I couldn’t but still got impacted passively.

I will write again very soon. This is one of the thing that I found so hard to do yet I do really love writing. Very soon guys. Very soon.

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