Life Lately: Eating Right

Let me first give you a view of how my food consumption looks like. When it comes to everyday meals, I’ve been neglecting the important part of choosing the right food. Having lived in the accommodation hostels in my former secondary schools, I was used to fully rely on the menu designed for us, simply as early from breakfast till supper at night. The meals were in overall, great, in terms of nutrition.
After finishing school, I moved in a college and this is where I really have to choose the food on my own. Supposedly I should have taken healthy food, just like I used to. but the real thing is, due to my lack of awareness (being ignorant), I filled in my shelves with every instant food in the store and those includes instant noodles, coffee, crackers and occasional snacks like potato chips. I know the bad nutrition that they have but I was self-pampering myself not to make my own food.
I know the fact that this habit is a normal thing for college students. unemployed, ‘no cooking allowed’ rule, assignments overload (overdue) and heavy butted to clean up the after cook session are the excuses for me and most students in campus, not to eat healthy.
Today, I’ve browsed through articles on internet regarding the contents in my diet and of course one of them was the instant noodles. Like always, it proven not even nutritious. My reaction was to start changing my diet (which I’ve thought for years) and to do that it has to be baby-step. I won’t be drastically getting rid of my usual meals as that would be shocking and I would have a hard time coping up the change. I’ll try to have more nutritious foods, and occasionally still consume what I used to have. and slowly, very slowly, getting them out of the lists.
This is a lifetime change and it does not take a week or a month or even a year. I have to say the environment where I am at right now does not encouraging anybody to eat healthy, not because the people are against to it, but like I’ve mentioned the excuses are just hard to beat.

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