‘How long will I Love You’ moment

Two days ago I went to accompany my best friend to catch her flight back to Kota Kinabalu (KK) after we sat for our last paper that afternoon. It was already dark and as soon as we reached the car park to send her I could see the beautiful clear dark sky with sparkling dotted lights of the scattered stars, with the one and only moon unashamedly showing off its crescent-shape. Having been living here for 4 years, it is unlikely to see such view, I can remember very well the clouds would come around every sunset and stayed for the night, only to give us some part of the naked sky.
Just after we checked out the front gate, where we had to register our destination (as safety precaution would have it they say), we slid down the window shields and shut off the air-condition. The freedom we felt was really shown off to how openly we reached our hands out the window, as we finally closed off another chapter of our lives this semester. The peacefully to successfully dealt with lots of must-dos this semester alone was truly there, the moment we placed our hands and told the wind how happy we were.
A few minutes before we reach the airport, the song How Long will I Love You by Ellie Goulding was played in the radio. It was really the highlight of our short trip where we suddenly quiet. I looked out the window and really was just enjoying the view of the sky, it was so terribly beautiful that I couldn’t say it out another time how enchanting the view was for me. It brought me to think how my life was for all these years. Looking at the view, how can I not thank enough to God that I was given so much bless and happiness in everyday? I have been born blessedly amazing with no flaws at all, I was given parents who mad when I skipped out school just because I was lazy, I was given siblings who I made memories together, I was given relatives who knew me very well and I was given good friends along the way to where I am now. How can I not thank the Almighty for all of these? how can I not thank to more than enough meals I have everyday? How arrogant it is to not counting your blessings…. How arrogant it is for us.
I was really content in my heart that I just had no words best to describe it. and I am certainly not alone, my friends do. and I know, we all do.

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