The Silent inside and outside

It was this year that I have been really looking into what I want to be in my life. The past year had found me aimlessly following the path of a regular life. It was this year that I found that I need aims, solid aims to drive myself to where I want to be, even then I was still searching for one. It was this year that I had a very deep thought of (not) searching for identity, as everyone is already unique in their own way, and that I chose to think what I can do to this world a better place to live in.
I know that I can be the best version of the person I am. The real reason I still had a gut for blogging is because this place seems to be right way to pour your heart into. You can write things you are passionate about, share your opinions about something and talk about things that you think are valuable to people. and I am trying to avoid negative perceptions towards others, hence, I no longer have instagram app in my phone. I believe inspirations can be anywhere and I found instagram not one of them. and this is my only opinion as a regard to my own life. Most thing I did there was looking through life’s updates and bragging the best thing I have in the small world of mine. which the absolute thing I am running away from but the hardest one yet. It can be pleasurable to search happiness outside the door but then it can addictive. and I was there once. It awarded me with a huge amount of procrastination.
I am thankful that I decided to do it. and I did. It felt like I have found the control of my own life again. While some might find it helpful,which you should be grateful for, but some (like me) find it only drifting away from the real life. Think wise Jue.

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