The Novice (Future) Teacher

Today marks a total of one week I left the kids I taught for a whole of one month. Thinking about them makes my heart ache, leaving is never a pleasurable feeling but it is a must in order to grow up. 
I ended my first practicum with so many memories and experiences that I don’t think I am going to forget ever in my life. Being given 6 periods a week to teach to a group of 10 years old kids was at first a hard challenge for me. 
My first thought when we were just about to select school for the practicum was ‘Let us choose the greatest school first as this would help and guide us a lot in teaching career…and in our next practicum.’ and indeed my partner and I have chosen just the right school for that, before I knew I had an anxiety attack thinking how to actually face the community there that are known to be 8th times awarded cluster school community.  My mind kept on repeating thoughts like ‘How am I going to be on their level? What if my teaching ruins the kids (thus affect the school performance?), I don’t fit in here.., This is an absolute wrong selection I’ve ever made…, What am I going to say in the assembly later on??’ and a lot more thoughts that led me down. I tell you out there, a student teacher to being a teacher is not an easy transition. 
After a month….
Finally, I made it. I did speak in the assembly and it wasn’t that bad, I got to learn the working ethics and routines there and it wasn’t that hard. I ruined my teaching sometime but my kids still there everyday. I managed to fit in and I loved the community. I have to admit this, THEY are just so FRIENDLY. They don’t burden you with THEIR individual works/projects. believe me on this one. We however was given a project handled under the headmaster and he even stated that ‘He is going to see our technique/strategy to teach the few pupils he is teaching’. That was a hard one but again… we managed. although precisely, my friend managed as I had a class at the same time. 
in overall, I would really thank to my mentor for his deliberate supports and guidance throughout the weeks that we have ‘stolen’ his classes. He had observed and told us which parts of the lesson we need to improve, either our lesson content or our class management. 
I thought it was easy to leave.. ( was just a month) but then, seeing the kids smiling and asking for phone number and facebook ID, inviting you to go and see them sometime, and waving goodbyes until you vanished into the teacher’s room, made it a thousand times more difficult. They were my first ever clients, my first ever kids and how can I not sad to leave them? 

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