Leaving for A Month of Practicum


as I posted this, I probably already on the road to head on to my friend’s house.
We are going to stay there for a month.
and my things are already packed. There are 5 of them altogether. girls.

It’s been three months passed by and now we are taking the very first step into the land of real teaching.
My batch-mates will be having 4 weeks of practicum in primary schools.
I am a bit anxious but at the same time I am excited to face this what I’d like to call new adventure.
I haven’t had much experiences in teaching small kids, and honestly thinking about how’d they react to me makes my stomach flutter. I am nervous.

However, I have been waiting for this moment to come. to be really honest.
It is such a hard time coping up with life that I felt like I wasn’t moving any step ahead.
I was like swimming in a small size of lake, that the water does not have current.
I would probably say all the months that passed, mostly filled in with struggles and conflicts.
Is it really the life of every college students?
I don’t know what to expect.
except that I had to bare with it.
I believe, there are good things in everything.


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